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The THRIVE Model & THRIVE Recruitment

The unique THRIVE Model focuses on 6 pillars. These areas drive the work that is performed in order to accomplish the mission and vision of THRIVE. College Readiness is more than just about “good grades”. Anyone can make good grades if they put in the work, but in order to THRIVE, you must do more than make good grades.

Our THRIVE Scholars are able to choose from the 107 HBCUs, and we work with them in a guided steps program to prepare them to gain acceptance, enroll, and graduate.  We recruit high school sophomores into THRIVE who will remain with us until they earn their degree from an HBCU.

If a high school would like be a THRIVE campus, we will recruit and select 20 students from the sophomore class to make up a campus cohort.  The selection process starts in the fall of their sophomore year with the required THRIVE presentation which discusses the details THRIVE and next steps. THRIVE does not "hand pick" only the top tier students.


THRIVE Scholars need adult advocates, and they must learn to advocate for themselves. Self-advocacy skills help to build self esteem, improve identify development, and increase problem-solving abilities. In THRIVE, advocacy is the bedrock and foundation, the very core, for how we assist THRIVE Scholars.

Civic Engagement

In order to thrive, one must be of service to others and to their communities. Civic Engagement is how we best flourish. By encouraging and preparing our THRIVE Scholars to engage in community service and become change agents of their communities is how we best allow for our DNA to be imprinted and implemented into the communities that we serve.


THRIVE Scholars need to know that they are capable of doing anything they put their minds too. We focus on empowering our scholars academically, socially, emotionally, and financially. The program design and topics presented to our scholars not only prepares them to complete high school but to be equipped to thrive when they go to an HBCU.


THRIVE Scholars are encouraged to discover who they are as leaders by participating in various activities. They are taught that leadership is not about holding a title but it is about integrity, self-control and commitment. Leadership involves collaborating, delegating, problem-solving, critical-thinking and planning. Leadership is learned behavior.

Community Reciprocity

THRIVE Scholars are not only involved while they are in high school, but once they become HBCU students, they return to help future THRIVE Scholars. They may become advisors, interns or mentors, but whatever role they play, they realize the importance of giving back to the program. THRIVE is a forever program. Our intentional THRIVE Model is designed so that our scholars have a natural desire to give back to THRIVE.


Focusing on literacy allows our THRIVE Scholars to develop skills needed to compete with their peers. We have uniquely designed a program, The Rough Writers, that addresses the development of improving literacy skills in a nontraditional format. THRIVE Scholars will become published authors by the time they graduate from high school.

Students will THRIVE at HBCUs

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